Are you interested in performing weddings or perhaps starting your own church or spiritual center?  You can become ordained as an Interfaith Minister through QuietMyst Wholistic Ministries.  You will be asked to provide basic information and affirm your reasons for wishing to become an Interfaith Minister.  As part of this process, you will be asked to provide a written document outlining how you will be of service to others through your ministry.  You will be provided with a one on one spiritual counseling session, a manual and sample ceremonies.  QuietMyst ministers can choose to participate in an ordination ceremony if desired.  


Reiki I - $125 Donation  In this class, we discuss the history and philosophy of Reiki as it was given to Dr. Mikao Usui  The concept of chakras and the energy biofield are reviewed as well as aspects of anatomy and physiology.  Reiki precepts and ideals are discussed. Hand positions are taught for both wellness and illness sessions.  This is an interactive class and students practice giving and receiving Reiki sessions.  Students also participate in a Reiki attunement ceremony.

Reiki II - $150 Donation  In this class, students learn to draw and understand three Reiki symbols.  These symbols are then used in practice sessions. Students participate in a Reiki II ceremonial attunement ceremony.

Reiki Master - $175 Donation  This class prepares the student to begin a Reiki practice.  The philosophical aspects of Buddhism as they relate to Reiki and Dr. Usui are discussed.  Students learn the Reiki Master symbols, practice Sanskrit chants and participate in a ceremonial attunement ceremony.  

Reiki Teacher - $125 ​Donation  This is an optional class for students who wish to teach Reiki.  It can be taken during the same weekend or at a later date.  In this class, students learns teaching perspectives, aspects of ceremonies and practice the passing of attunements.  The Reiki Master is now prepared to teach and pass attunements to others.


The fee for all classes includes a manual and all accompanying class materials, as well as light refreshments - including meals - for full day classes.


INDIVIDUAL HEALING SESSIONS – $60 Donation suggested

I offer a variety of healing modalities including Healing Touch, Reiki, Reflexology, Huna, Shamanic Coaching and HeartMath.  After talking, we will set an intention for the session based on your needs.  You may choose one modality or a combination of modalities.  I also offer the addition of crystals, earthing devices and aromatherapy.  Sessions are by appointment only.  What occurs during the session will be discussed and you are encouraged to use this information for your personal healing and well-being.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY - $125 Donation

In foot reflexology, pressure is applied to specific areas of the feet that correspond to certain parts of the human body.  With specific techniques, reflexology provides stimulation leading to relaxation.  This state of relaxation leads to restoration and wholeness within the body.  In this interactive class, students learn the history of reflexology and pressure points on the feet and how they correspond to the human body.  This is an interactive class with multiple opportunities for practice.


This class introduces students to a variety of crystals and stones that can be used for healing.  The frequency and vibration of crystals - along with their practical application are discussed.  Different types of quartz crystals are discussed.  Students practice using chakra crystals and grids for purposes of healing.  This is a hands on class and a full color manual is included.

Huna I - $125 Donation  In this class, the history and philosophy of Huna are taught.  Students practice Pikopiko breathing and the huna chant in English.  The Kahi power center and Kahi/Kaulike hand positions are taught.  Students participate in a Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony.

Huna II - $150 ​Donation  This class prepares students to begin practicing Huna through the Huna 7-elements, Pikopiko and the Huna chant in Hawaiian.  The 7-elements of Kahi Loa are demonstrated and practiced.

Huna Master - $175 ​Donation  In this class, students learn the Kalana Hula, principles of Huna shamanism and the Huna master symbol.  Kahi Loa enhancements are discussed as are elements of distant Huna, Instant Huna and Sea Crystals.  Students participate in a Huna Master and Aloha Kiss ceremony.

Huna Teacher - $125 Donation  This is an optional class for students who wish to teach Huna.  It can be taken during the same weekend or at a later date. In this class, students learn teaching perspectives, aspects of ceremony and chants.  The Huna Master is now prepared to teach others.

“Within the sacred space of the heart, touch the mystery of the soul.”