“Within the sacred space of the heart, touch the mystery of the soul.”

About Patricia TAdlock


I am so grateful you are visiting my website.  It was through websites like this one that I found my teachers and mentors…the amazing people who walked along with me on my journey.  I moved from being a nurse practitioner to opening an energy work practice.  Later I made the decision to become an Ordained Interfaith Minister and a practicing Contemporary Shaman.

My interest in healing has been a life-long passion and the importance of touch has guided me throughout my life.  I began my studies in Energy Healing in the early 90’s.  At that time, I was working as a nurse practitioner.  I found that by caring for my patients with intention for their highest good and through creating heart centered relationships, I was able to incorporate energy work into my nursing/medical practice.  This led to a definite shift in how I approached patient care.

My first integrative modality was Healing Touch and then I was led to pursue other energy practices which greatly enhanced what I was able to offer to my clients.  I combine my knowledge of the physical body with my understanding of the energetic, spiritual and emotional bodies.  My goal is to create an environment in which my clients are able to achieve their goals for health and wellbeing.  My relationship with my clients is one of sacred trust.  

I provide individual healing sessions and gift certificates are available.  In addition to individual sessions, I teach various classes throughout the year including Reiki, Reflexology, Huna and Crystal Healing.  

As an Interfaith Minister, I offer ceremonies for weddings, vow renewals, blessing of children/pets and life transitions.  Because ceremonies honor sacred life events, I work closely with my clients to create their vision and address their individual needs.  I also ordain Interfaith Ministers through QuietMyst Wholistic Ministries.

As a Shaman, I provide house clearing and blessing ceremonies and various events focused on living in harmony with Mother Earth.  I can assist you in creating a vision for your life and clearing self-limiting thought patterns using tools of Shamanism including meditation, drumming and envisioning.

I am happy to answer any questions and consult with clients by phone or email prior to scheduling an appointment.  My goal for clients and students is that they find healing, peace and stillness for their mind, body and spirit.