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  •  American Holistic Nurses Association

QuietMyst Wholistic Ministries is a spiritual ministry honoring the connection of mind, body and spirit through healing, teaching, sharing heart centered love and providing sacred space for transformation and wholeness.

  • Located in High Point, NC

  • Phone – 336-688-0390

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Minister and Owner of QuietMyst Wholistic Ministries
Contemporary Shaman
Registered Nurse
Certified Nurse Practitioner – Emeritus
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Reiki Master/Teacher
Huna Master/Teacher
Reflexology Master
Crystology Master
Certified Surgical Coaching Practitioner
Certified HeartMath Practitioner
Shamanic Life Coach/Spiritual Counselor

​             JULY

Upcoming Events

October 21– Reiki I

October 22 - Huna I

Other workshops to be announced
Coming in January – Women’s Shaman Retreat

July 9 – Foot Reflexology

July 15 - Reiki II

July 16 - Huna II

August 6 - Reiki Circle

August 19 - Reiki Master

August 20 - Huna Master

August 27 - Crystal Healing


Contact Information

September 16 - Reiki Teacher

September 17 - Huna Teacher

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“Within the sacred space of the heart, touch the mystery of the soul.”